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So likewise stimulant frictions, warm douches, and such means of promoting a vigorous circulation throughout the weakened muscles may assist in restoring their strength; and generous diet, with tonics and a healthy "ivp" air, render the blood richer in fibrin, by which the structures, and by some which are hardly accounted muscular. Nitroglycerine and the nitrites are often of value to lower arterial tension; in the some cases with cardiac asthma, morphia renders splendid service. It was done very promptly, and very efficiently, and on examining the specimens iv the results are seen. The collateral history of this for case presented several points of more than ordinary interest. The deep pigmentation alone has often led these cases to be mistaken for Addison's disease, and when one gets in addition, as in this ease, rapid loss of flesh, anaemia and pigmentation of the cheeks, the hcl chances for error become so imminent as to be interesting. I, therefore, thought that the reason there may be infection as a presenting sign, is that the filter function of the lungs is lost, and bacteria dosage in the bloodstream find access to the brain.