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I make such a motion: that the President appoint a committee of not less than five to consider the question of establishing a state medical journal for the Medical Society of the State and of North Carolina.

Numerous micrococci were also seen varying in size and arrangement as well as in intensity of staining, usually including staphylococci, streptococci, diplococci, and micrococci, as some of the staphylococci, diplococci, and tetrads 60 retained the stain in this method, while others did not.

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The respiration would cease first, in and if permitted to pass still further, the heart would also cease, when death would be inevitable.

In view of the urgent need of medical men to meet the requirements of the army will you allow me to suggest that it would be well to extend the age limit for physicians to sixtyfive instead of fifty-five years: parts. The tissues of the neck were more moist than elsewhere (detox).

Galezowski, by whom the operation was introduced some years ago, is stated to have performed it more before than two hundred times, and always with success.

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