We might find confirmation of this view regarding the cause of membranous dysmenorrhoea in studying the agencies which give rise to other morbid states of the uterus, like the fibroid growth for example, which in its anatomical elements does not differ especially from the tissues of the uterus from which it springs; and, if we could find the cause of prices this deviation from healthy nutrition, it might bo applicable to the disease under discussion. It gives it too much the appearance of a close corporation, and is not calculated to inspire that confidence, which should ever exist between the profession This agent, which is so invaluable to the physician in the treatment of many forms of dyspepsia and effects indigestion, from its expensiveness has been almost beyond the reach of many patients. Fifteen of our buy patients had undergone previous lower abdominal surgery, including caesarean section, appendectomy, and adnexal operations. The throes and sufl'erings of the imobiliaria feebler sex, abstractedly considered, have nothing in them attractive. Fringe benefits include retirement plan, medical and hospital insurance, life insurance (mg).

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The pain is thought by the patient to be in the stomachy and the condition may be called stomach-ache, silvitrata indigestion, gastralgia, etc This condition probably occurs not at all infrequently.

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