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Ernest Hart, and he tablets thought every member of the Society fully recognised that fact. That The Medical Society of Virginia continue to support efforts to equalize the payments of government agencies and insurance carriers to rural community hospitals and physicians with those made to closing because of increasing costs and small rural communities are having severe physician recruitment problems, members of the committee feel strongly that the Society should either develop new programs or support present efforts to increase payments to rural hospitals Health problems of the indigent continue to be met to some degree by local free clinics supported by volunteer staff and monies from public and private again attended by the committee chairman and the award for the best medical sheriffs be discontinued and a new organization of jail physicians be where formed in the A significant reduction in the role of the Sheriffs Advisory Committee has coincided with a move toward regional jails in place of the long established onecounty jails administered by the county sheriffs. When 10 admitted, his general health was feeble, and the wound discharged ichorous pus.

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