In general myelitis there is a partial vaso-motor paralysis, indicated by cyanosis, sluggish circulation, cedema, and tabletten coldness, with abnormal sweating in the paralyzed parts. McBuRNEY read a paper on this ulotka subject. In these toxic "ice" properties may consist their pathogenetic power. In more severe cases death 2.5 may result from e.xhaustion or from blood-poisoning. We should find only here and there a faint light uk of fact to guide us. These fluctuations bear no definite relation either to the momentary production of heat or to the height of the internal gel temperature. In none of those dying suddenly had there been a hypiertension: ramipril. Such are the gout, notwithstanding the authority of IIippoorates, rheumatism, (Tissot,) croup, Affusions are contra-indicated, ai? more or less hazardous, in persons of a naturally feeble constitution, and side in whom reaction takes place with difficulty. Dry lymph from any source has thisobjection of delay in" taking." The greater certainty of humanized virus to" take" promptly gives it a great advantage spray over bovine virus. The earths, alkalies, the alkaline mg sulphurets and sulphuretted hydrogen, are dangerous, as they increase the irritation produced by the poison. Pressure - we first used a coil of which the slowest rate was twenty a second and the highest forty, and with these rates we invariably obtained abduction with weak currents. Last year the used Federal Government appropriated half a million dollars to stamp out zymotic pleuropneumonia. The inflamed membrane is more or less softened by inflammation, and the affected tubes are likely to contain blood more or less of the inflammatory products which were expectorated during life, viz., mucopurulent matter, with predominance of the characters of either mucus or pus. Resolved, That we bear our testimony to the justness and integrity of a life devoted to pictures his fellows, and to the qualities which have made him, under the most trying circumstances that can occur in the history of a medical organization, one of our most trusted and wise counselors. Through and by which they generic are to be ejected, render it impossible to maintain this part in a state of rest; and the constant pain belonging to the disease will be materially aggravated by the disturbance to which the parts will be occasionally subject. Thus the madness with which the shipwrecked sailors of the Medusa were affected, and which led them to the commission of the most into the sea the little wine that was lefl been supposed by some writers, to have resulted "altacet" rather from the influence of tropical heat, and the total privation of sleep, than simply from the want of food. A regular visit to the privy, continued every morning for a month, will overcome a costive habit, and at length render unnecessary the use of aperient The exhibition of small doses of ipecacuanha in the quantity of a grain or two in the morning, as recommended by M: altace. These sensations are often present, although tactile sensation is not affected: medicine.


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