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If the County- Council are to exercise any effectual supervision over sanitary proceedings in their county, they should have copies of those reports ile in their hands at the times they are made, and should not have to wait for their incorporation in some"periodical" (probably annual, or at most, quarterly) report. It has recently been rendered benzacne less unfavorable for unilocular cysts, from the fact that cysts have been successfully removed by operative intervention. Its origin was found in the Governor's Commission on tort reform from a request submitted by the Georgia sure the availability of medical re to those who could least afford ery turn, even by patients who:eive free medical care through a arity sponsored clinic, harga the greater ue rapidly becomes the issue of o awards in Georgia this past year:ir time to give health screening to:al athletic teams. This hyper-sensitiveness is made use of for diagnostic purposes by administering the toxin of the bacillus of glanders to the suspected animals in question, and the resulting positive or negative reaction is looked upon as an index of the presence or absence of infection, as the case may be: onde.