After splitting the sternum cause a blunt instrument, such as a periosteal elevator or narrow-bladed retractor may be inserted into the crevice in the bone and turned at right angles, acting then in the nature of a wedge. Even bis own special strain, the bacillus deposited at the Lister dog Institute as a standard for the guidance of other bacteriologists, had its eccentricities. The experiments of the author also show that alkalies placed in the interior of a membranous sac, always in produce endosmose; while the acid under the same circumstances, produce exosmose, whatever may be the density of the liquids.

Cheered on in how your progress by either or both of these announcements, resembling a diagram of cause and effect, you ascend another flight, stopped here, pushed there, and at length arrive," per tot dis crimina rerum," at the summit of your wishes, and of the hospital, in a small gallery, at one end of which open the male, and, at the other, the female surgical wards. The upner extremities showed marked general weakness but especially in the extensors of the wrists and fingers where nearly, although not quite absolute paralysis was present: blood. American College of Physicians india Prepares A postgraduate course in endocrinology sponsored by the University of Illinois College of Medicine and of recent developments in the field of endocrinology, including endocrine gynecology and sterility. Ragatz, Madison, Advertising Manager Water Fluoridation dogs for the Control of Tooth Decay Sixteen cities in this state are adding fluoride to their public water supply to raise the concentration parts per million parts of water. Many of of the glands, and a number of the principal viscera, empty themselves into it, adding digestive elements, and excreting, it may be, certain effete matters, for removal from the body. With - he did not claim that this proximity was a universal rule, hut could vouch for it that he had seen the discharge close to the septum. One sugar maternal aunt died of tuberculosis.

Every year people were succumbing to tubercle because they had not dose enough to eat, and because they could not afford the minimum hygienic conditions necessary for a healthy existence. Last side winter a cough commenced, but so gradually that the patient is unable to fix the time of its first occurrence; during the last four months it has been much more severe and constant, and accompanied by hoarseness. We immediately ordered a mixture containing three grains of tartar emetic, half a drachm of laudanum, and six ounces of water: of this a tablespoonful was administered every half hour, its eflfects being buy watched.

The following reliminish the acting rank of Colonel on reposting: The following relinnuish the mg acting rank of Lieutenant-Colonel on The following relinquish the acting rank of Major on reposting: rank of Lieutcuant-Colonol, and retains tho acting rank of Major. This is a principal, though not the only object for which we employ calomel, in the first place, it allays the local pain and general irritability; and secondly, it quiets the spasmodic movements of the intestine, and thereby facilitates the process of cicatrization (cats). In Philadelphia it has become very evident that this online method of attack on the delay period is an acceptable one.

At the expiration of five months, however, he returned to the Hospital with sore throat; he was again admitted, and treated for the space of 50 two mouths. The colour of matters discharged from the bowels is subject to effects very great variety.

There would be ample time for the individual practitioner "for" to decide whether the terms of the new agreement were acceptable or not.


High - the PBESIDEXT said it was a congenital or developmental condition, and it was now recognized that the position of Luschka's tonsil altered somewhat in the course of development, for, as the basi-sphenoid developed, the relative position of the mass of lymphoid tissue altered, and came more towards the posterior wall.