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Patients exhibiting symptoms of uremia should not be put on the how Karell regimen, since the latter restricts to a minimum the intake of fluids. "Let me have men about Die that ace f Sleek-headed men, and such as Bleep o'nighl That the devout Psalmist sang"He giveth His beloved sleep;" that old Homer exclaimed"Sleep is the gift of God:" that the poet Young wrote of it in his"Night Thoughts" as"Tired Nature's sweet restorer," and also"Man's rich restorative, his balmy hath, That supplies, lubricates and keeps in play The various movements of this nice mat-he that Depew calls it"The solvent of longevity, health and work;" while the late Henry Clews, 20 the financier, said,"Sleep good looks, will power, and self-confidence;" that wise men from Socrates to Russell Sage have advocated one-third of expressions show a deep appreciation of this restful attribute among all ages and Sleep, as a"balm to hurt minds," has been thoroughly threshed out by the neurologists, and, as a desideratum in all acute and continued diseases, it will be found mentioned on nearly every page of the various works devoted to therapeutic As to the actual influence of sleep on digestion and nutrition, however, there is some conflict of opin'on, and in this article the writer will endeavor briefly to cover the subject in a manner helpful to those interested in practical dietetics.

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