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The Toonan accordingly remained at anchor under the forts at Port Arthur for two days, at the end of which time the commander-inchief of the Japanese forces sent word that the wounded were prisoners and could not be carried to Tientsin, and that the Japanese surgeons Were able to attend to all, Japanese and Chinese alike (side). Who sent these papers, or from what motive they were sent, we are entirely ignorant of: generic. The Articles in this Department are accepted and published with the understandin that we are not responsible for, nor do we indorse the: take.

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She had a sharp intestinal colic attack in which the pain was chiefly complained of in the right side, some looseness of the bowels, with effects a tendency to vomiting. This duty is forced the upon him by the circumstances that surround him. It has been tested and proven times without number, and we feel that we can safely assert without fear of contradiction that our general treatment with the aged and infirm never has and never will fail to give gratifying results: 300. Miller, overdose Stamford, presiding Duncan E.


As a routine treatment, to washing of the bladder is not to be recommended, particularly in tubercular cases.

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