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When the obstruction depends on stricture of the rectum, resort should be had to the bougie, unless in cases of scirrhus or cancer, in which this instrument can do no good, and canada may prove injurious by tearing the easilylacerated structure.

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Is a graduate of a medical college which is recognized as counter reputable by any one of the chartered medical societies of the State, shall receive from said State Board of Health, upon the payment of two dollars, a certificate of registration, which shall state the kind or branch of practice in which the person named therein is engaged or is to be engaged. An hour 200 and a half after expulsion of placenta she was seized with a convulsion, which he did not have the opportunity of observing. It cannot have escaped the observation of every physician w T ho has been in the practice percent during the above period, that the method of managing fevers has, in that time, changed very materially.


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