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There is little chemical action produced and little pain or burning; but strong muscular contraction is produced, and a powerful impression on both sensory and motor nerves: use. I have myself employed it in practice, not only in private, but at the public hospital, and have pointed out to the students there its peculiar construction and advantages, both in the wards, and in my clinical lectures (hcl).

In the majority of cases the large white kidney already described will be encountered, and the presence in this of areas of amyloid degeneration can be demonstrated from the appearance of the mahogany-brown color side on addition of the solution of iodin and potassium iodid.

._ By the Atomiser any medicated liquid may be converted into the flnett ipniy (reglan).

In dose men it is often dependent upon senile hypertrophy of the prostate gland.

Manson believes that the embryos in the blood do no harm, they are no wider than the lymph corpuscles, and easily pass througli the glands and the capillaries; but not so the ova, they are much wider than the embryo, and so get blocked in the lymphatic glands, and cause obstruction to the flow of lymph that collects at the distal side of the gland, and if tlic obstruction be, as is often reviews the case, in the groin or external surface, lymph-scrotum and some forms of elephantiasis result; whilst if the gland be in the loin or pelvis, chyluria may be caused. Mg - paralysis of the broad dorsal muscle, supplied by the subscapular nerves of the brachial plexus, is attended with difficulty in adduction of the arm to the chest, but particularly in the movement of the arm and the hand toward the gluteal region. The reason of the great space which separates the blocks is the necessity for avoiding all transmission of foul air or infection from one effects ward to another, a necessity which lies at the root of all modem hospital arrangements. They were dosage about four or five millimetres in length; the skin was not discolored. Doubtless Enteric synonym of F., remittent, from the frequent Also, a term applied to digestive troubles accompanied with 10 vomiting of bilious matter and F., bil'ious, contin'ued. When you cannot call your own physician, or another homoeopathic physician worthy of your for confidence, do, in such an emergency, what your own sense of fitness dictates, and we shall be satisfied. Over - it is free from nitrogen, neutral and tasteless.