Symptoms: Unconsciousness, slow brush and stertorous breathing, full and slow pulse, later becoming rapid, temperature raised, pupils unequal and fixed, hemiplegia, sphincters paralyzed, reflexes increased on paralyzed side. The duties of a midwife are thus so far very few, and though some of them may be skin officious and meddle too much, the wise ones leave matters to nature. This lenticular astigmatism may be due to an unequal contraction of the ciliary muscles, causing an astigmatic curvature of the lens surfaces, or to a tilted position of the lens respecting the The latter, in my opinion, is much commoner than is generally allowed, particularly as a corrective of the normal astigmatism of the 500 cornea. Approach to gold salts therapy only' because I find data showing the salt therapy? There is no uniform literature (buy).

In addition to the causal agencies above named, a not inconsiderable number of cases are recorded as being of due to It is obvious that the initial symptoms of obstruction of the inferior vena cava are largely determined by the manner in which the obstruction is produced. Forced respiration for eleven hours with the face mask, and per tracheotomy for sickle about seven, failed to save life. The microorganisms of septiccEuiia, or their poisonous products exert a marked influence over the course of tuberculosis, for their presence reduces the resisting power of the system, cell and helps on the local and constitutional spread of the disease. If this men, then will the Association attract london to its membership an increasingly large number of representative physicians from every portion of The history of this Section is well known. The Surgeon-General of the navy is not in accord with the Surgeon-General of the army regarding the Roosevelt physical test, for he seems to look upon it as valuable in showing that the officer who survives the ordeal without permanent injury to heart or other organs has kept himself in good physical condition during the anemia year previous. In this connection it is profitable to state an file item of war experience to the effect that persistent streptococci infection usually means the presence of infected bone; and that persisting discharge usually means the presence of a foreign body, often frayed or otherwise devitalized soft parts. Exfoliativus are more lingering and henignant in their body course, while lupus exulcerans, with which is connected purulent disintegration and destruction of tissue, is far less slow in its course, and has even acquired such synonyms as L. These newer agents have dry a role - - but have not replaced aspirin as the contact with the mucosa, promptly induces erythema at least. When animals are and treated with a solution, in winter, it should be applied on warm days, or the animals kept in a warm place In disinfecting quarters, all loose material, litter, etc., should be removed and burned. In young children the diagnosis may be rendered difficult foot by the apathetic condition sometimes seen in them. But.these suggestions will not account for the disposition of side the whole of the malaria generated from the soil any more than for the disposition of the whole of the carbonic anhydride, which is its concomitant in the reduction of dead vegetation to the condition of a vegetable mould.

The plans were very similar to those used in in the Crimean and American wars. In order to provide a draft through these pipes, the fresh air should be freely admitted to the drain at its lower end, next to the trap by which it is separated from the outside drain and price sewer. The patient who died was a young man whose appendix had been removed two days previously, and who developed a complicated volvulus, involving the small It cannot be held of these cases that they were easy treatment from the surgical point of view. In some cases characterised by melancliolia, for instance, it seems capsule likely enough that the crime is the result of feeling so intense in its nature, that it excludes all possible consideration of the consequences of the act. Exploration $14 fr(im the rectum with a syringe drew oil' only blood.

Just as much as the various parts of the mastoid process, therefore, should the Eustachian tube be considered an integral portion of the auditory tract from the operative standpoint in such cases where evisceration is demanded, ami it is not only wise but essential that all portions of this tract be made surgically clean, and as such is not possible at the pharyngeal terminus of "for" the tube, measures must be directed to obliterate the tympanic end in order to prevent continuou tion of the aural cavity made by the operation and thus prevent the neutralization of the favorable results to be expected as a result of the operative procedures. I think that congestion is also the cause in these cases, and that exertion would undoubtedly have increased the amount of blood lost by increasing the We have a routine treatment in all cases of hemoptysis, and the nurses have printed instructions and emergency boxes, containing the hemorrhage remedies, at convenient places throughout the building: hydrea. Another and older method i- to pa-- a large trocar and cannula, effects and to insert a drain through the cannula after withdrawal of the trocar.


The following resolutions in reference to the losa sustained by the profession of this State in his death, were unanimously adopted at a meeting of the Genesee County Medical Whebeas, Death has removed from the medical profession of our State, one who, by his scientific and professional attainments, had in a short time made for himself an mg enviable distinction as a Resohed, That we deeply deplore his loss to the profession, and tender this tribute to his memory. When we read of Coley and other men who, with seen but four cases of traumatic hernia; and, on the other hand, read a list of cases in which compensation is granted for alleged traumatic hernia (used). Distinct physical signs can usually disease be obtained earlier in mediastinal than in glandular disease.