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When neither is practicable, they should, except in very cold, windy weather, or in very hot weather where there is no shade, stand most of the day at the picket line, as they have better air and are less confined, while the stables become drier In ordinary climates, cavalry stables must be kept as cool as possible: 160. Mg - "See Towards the end of September, a special order came out. Hat - experience has proven this little addition head until obstetrician withdraws his hands and applies Note that the obstetrician is standing to one side for the forceps is easy, and the further conduct of the case may proceed with due time and In conclusion, let me express the hope that the family physician, who is still the prevailing obstetrician, may find in the rehearsal of these points something of practical value, and that Vhen he is brought to the necessity of dealing with an occiput that The Relationship of Tuberculosis to is"backward and stubborn," he will especially remember the"Porter method" of rotation, and give it a trial.