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When the organic actions are very much exalted, side as indicated by the ordinary signs of febrile excitement, it may be necessary to take away blood from the arm, if the practitioner be called upon early in the disease; but in the majority of cases this is not needed, unless some hyperaemic affection is apparent in an internal organ. Systematic name uf wat'T for mint; used similarly with the iV. Many modifications of the plan thus outlined will doubtless suggest themselves (cough). He mentioned the buy case of a patient of seventeen who was sent to him for diagnosis with a cold inflammation of the knee-joint, which had resisted all forms of treatment.

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In explanation of this phenomenon it was said that such is the usual attitude of the press toward the medical profession; that these representatives of current opinion do not take the profession" seriously," but rather vc view the men, and the work of the Congress, as a comedy performance, to be criticised and laughed over on the same hnes. When the decoction of the leaves of stra DISEASES OF hydrochloride THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.