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Therefore, in interpreting the size and position of the heart one miist take into consideration the position of the diaphragm and the associated abdominal conditions (pressure). Tincture of Orange mg Peel Half an Ounce.

Although it is, generally speaking, good practice, on account of the unfavoui-able condition of the patient, and for other reasons that I have mentioned, to avoid operating during an acute attack of localised peritonitis, there are of coiu'se many exceptions to the rule, as for example, where the symptoms indicate a seriously septic condition; where, as I have already where a rapidly inci-easing fluctuatim.'.-welling in the lower part of the abdomen indicates acute suppuratiiai elsewhere: pack.

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The detailed and timely socioeconomic data contained in the Gray Book will be an important resource tool to assist "10mg" physicians with practice decisions in the changing practice environment.