In consequence of rashes some new regulations lately adopted in the Austrian Army, a large number of medical officers received promotion on the Ist instant.

The appalling amount of venereal disease blood that exists in armies is well shown in the table.

Goschen asked if, on the area being enlarged, greater time would not be required, and the value of the returns thus lessened: highest. Dog - among our teachers was that peculiar, if not to say eccentric, but brainy man, Byron Robinson. An orthopedist who testified for the insurer stated that her injuries should have healed completely in four to six months and that his examination had disclosed no condition that would prevent her take from The secretary and her attending physician testified that back and leg aches, sciatica and neuritis pains from which she suffered as a result of the accident were such that she was unable to perform her duties. Test - opposed? Let the record show that the nay was from the councilor Dr. He found long her in a veritable state of maniacal exultation, her hair and clothes disordered, the room turned upside down, the turniture thrown upon the bed, the children frightened and gathered up in a corner, afraid of the approach of their mother. Of veratrum viride, and directed that a teaspoonful should be sugar given every hour when the patient was awake. Ivy - if we do not antagonize them, they purify the air we breathe, the water we drink, the dirt we tread, and prey upon our natural waste: it is only our own folly that causes them to turn and rend us. Each attendant can inform the patient of some positive cure for his ailment, buy and many times induce him to try the remedy.

He stated that, when sweeping the floor behind some machinery, a revolving-wheel caught his right arm, inflicting a wound over the posterior aspect of the elbow-joint; and he was alarmed by seeing the end of the bone sticking out: pressure. EiM.MET added two cases of inflammation in of the parotid glands. Another point kept steadily in view has canal been the arrangement of the hospital wards so that their windows shall look east and west, and have the morning sun on one side and the afternoon sun on the other all the year round.

Fortunately, in instances, the electricity travels chiefly along the term skin, without penetrating the cranium.

I cordially endorse what he has you said. McDonald 20 also spoke in favor of the present rule.


The fact that this case, after several exposures, presented no discoverable pathological changes, to-; reached, during which time no evidences of the scot-! these cases of sun-blindness the lesion may be much being rather of the nature of a paralysis than that of the disorganization of the retinal elements, and, consequently, that the prognosis as to the ultimate recovery of perfect vision dosage is not necessarily unfavorable. Since then I have dose had another case in which I had equally as good success. That men of defective education and.attainments, owing to the conflicting interests of the universities and corporations, still enter the profession, is undeniable; men who are not permitted to practise on Her Majesty's soldiers and sailors, are still let loose on the general public; "raise" and it is manifest that, during the past twelve years of the existence of the Medical Council, the representatives of the various corporations have been powerless to control each crotchety individuals who deem the present constitution of the General Medical Council needs no alteration; admitted that there may be two branches of the Association which are divided as to whether the representation of the profession should be effected by tlic indirect or direct method; still Dr.

Bonnet, in which he obtained bony union by a peculiar process, which, together with section of the triceps muscle, is thus narrated: treated for fracture of the patella in can the usual manner, without inducing consolidation. Similar treatment is also due to those who offer no resistance for to our arms.

Together they planned a ic losing physically fit. Mg - any opening through the waterways or shelf into any space between the outer and inner planking would, was not infrequently done under the idea that the heated air between decks would pass up, along with that from the hold, into the outer air. Taper - if it had been possible to introduce new names for diseases, to conform to the change in the system, much confusion and much unnecessary conflict would have been avoided. Any stretcher to be used in action must be simple, cheap, and There are two ways, at least, of providing such a stretcher; one is to make the regulation hammock so that it can be used as a stretcher, and the other is to furnish to each ship a certain number The hammocks supplied to the men could be woven wide enough to allow for a hem along each side, four inches in width, to form sheaths for poles of wood (side).

Opium addiction is a disease, a well-marked functional neurosis, and deserving recognition, as il such, to a greater degree than it has hitherto re: drug. By two and a quarter inches) upon the left leg: this was in such an unhealthy sloughing condition, that the patient was placed in high a private healthy, she was removed to the general ward, and four pieces of cuticle (of the same size as in the last case) were planted.

Her relief was so complete that she spent much of her time and reading, interrupted occasionally by cough, which was less annoying by day than during the night. Hagner thought we should not use such violent remedies of whose secondary effects we know so little: poison. The ligature should never be tied sufficiently tight to rupture any of the tunics of the vessel: effects.

H.) Medical Society, Teeth, decayed, causing morbid sensibility Turning, in dogs midwifery, Dr.