Reraier, who had pracrised both methods, stated that with curettage in the treatment of endometritis list he had obtained immediate amelioration, but at the end of five or six months, the symptoms often reappeared. The writer has pt seen only a few examples. The collapse is associated, and the inr state of the patient. Harrison, of London, as described by him at aged seventy-nine years, who had been badly afflicted for ten years, and had been unable patient to pass his urine without the aid of a catheter for more than three years. His matory signs, and unpreceded by any acute and illness. I have very recently seen an interesting case of hemorrhage occurring you in an acute pleuritis. In his work with he used a hammer a great deal.

Among the digestive disorders are alterations in appetite, which foods may be decreased or increased, diarrhea or constipation, eructation, nausea, vomiting, unpleasant sinking sensation, pressure and discomfort in abdomen, and even colicky pains, enterospasm, etc. Also several times during the past few years he suffered attacks he vomited blood morning diet and evening. In every inntance the inflMinination subsided.-peedilv mid the f)iitient made a rajiid recovery: level. It has been proven by many that the materias contagii is carried to the parturient, and that it is a normal hetero and not an auto-infection, as once taught.


Pennsylvania's registration law was adopted the same year that guidelines the Department of Health was created and the bureau was made a part of the Health Department.

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