T.ocorche asserts that while salicylate of sodium often relieves the pain of gout it does not shorten the attack,, nor does it prevent subsequent attacks, although he asserts that its use in full doses of one to one and one-half drachms, increases the elimination of uric acid in the urine, and Henry SouUier asserts that the salicylates are the best remedies if the kidneys are intact." Many medical men have expressed themselves very favorably indeed as to the therapeutic action of Vichy (Celestins) water taken regularly, not only during, but subsequent to the attack of gout: mg.

Should the diarrhoea be unchecked by in such measures, the sedative powers of opium or morphina may be called upon.


THE APPLICATION OF WATER IN DISEASE FOR STUDENTS AND PRACTITIONERS OF MEDICINE VISITING PHYSICIAN TO que THIC J. Pozzi was appropriately celebrated at the Annexe Pa.scal of the Broca Hospital in Paris the early part of this month (of).

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Buy - the spirit of these regulations is thoroughly lived up to by Japanese commanders, and medical officers have full knowledge of movements, so they are able to prepare for them.

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