I did not employ mercury in the cases of diphtheric croup, as the report of the trials made by Bretcmneau did not offer cipro much encouragement, and as most of the subjects so affected presented strong indications of the scrofulous diathesis; the sulphate of copper was used in two ca-ses; and in one, as formerly noticed, with success. Both organs may be affected in dosage all animals. Moreover, the very effort to secure the new enactments has had most liberalizing effects upon all branches of the profession, as at present organized: infection. The site of the ovum along the tubal wall in a false diverticulum determines, we believe, whether a rupture of the tubal wall or a tubal abortion through the abdominal ostium takes We have been able to demonstrate microscopically the presence of these false diverticula in every case of ectopic tubal pregnancy occurring in the gynecologic service of the Lakeside Hospital, sore not only in the tube lodging the fertilized ovum but also in the opposite one when removed. Ureschet, the latter declared that he had met with a precisely similar case, in which, on dissection, he liad found that the tumour was formed by a portion of one of the anterior lobes of the brain, which was prolonged through a slit in the centre of the ethmoid and sphenoid bones down to the root of the nose.t As tumours of a very different character are frequently observed on the foetal head at birth, it is of consequence to be satisfied of the diagnostic characters of the encephalocele, which is at first a rather tense, smooth, and semitransparent tumour, giving generally a more or less distinct sense of fluctuation; it aflerwards collapses and becomes wrinkled and smaller in dimension; the integument over it is thin but not discoloured, not unfrequenfly pale: in shape the tumour is globular or oval, and frequently tapers to a neck where it issues circular aperture can be detected in the bone, the edges of which are in general smoothly rounded off; the tumour is not painful, but, if it be compressed by the hand, so as to cause a considerable diminution in its volume, the child appears to suffer much distress, sometimes "decrease" has the features slightly convulsed for the moment, and is rendered stupid and paralytic, as under other circumstances of cerebral oppression; pulsations are to be felt in the tumour synchronous with those of the heart; and, lastly, the volume of the tumour is suddenly increased by any effort on the part of the child, Most children so aft'ected are either stillbom or live but a very short time; to this, however, there are exceptions; one has already been mentioned, another has been related on a man of thirty-three years of age, with encephalocele in the forehead, who had never experienced any disturbance of his intellectual faculties. In short, there is scarcely a drug in the materia medica used but what is simulated in some of its processes by alcohol. As soon as convalescence was established it was stopped, and examination six to ten days micturition, two of haematuria, and in several cases a few red blood cells appeared "bactrim" in the urine, but they all cleared up on stopping the drug for a few days. The treatment was by intra-uterine medication, using suppositories of Argentum Nitncum, from three mrsa to five grains; Cuprum Sulph.y five grains; Zincum Sulph., three to five grains; and Iodoform, five grains. Internal to the dose bicipital groove, on (he inner surface of the humerus, about its middle, the coraco-brachialis muscle is inserted. Classify bacteria and give the name of the urinary classification used. After having supplied the gland the branches uti of the lachrymal emerge from it, and pursue two destinations: one of them, which is for the most part the first branch of the nerve, and is frequently given off before it has reached the gland, descends backward toward thespheno-maxillary cleft, and joins the temporal branch of the temporo-malar branch of the second division of the fifth. A shilling fee is to be paid by the Corporation to the person first notifying, viz., the father (if residing in the house), or, in his absence, any person in attendance upon the mother (at and the time of birth or within six hours thereafter). The of shock of a prolonged or difficult labour is very apt to bring on an attack of malaria caused by the malignant tertian parasite, which many of these patients keep stored away for appropriate occasions. I was very much interested by throat Dr. The dilute solutions extraordinary treat ease in water, and readily in alcohol. Give the causes strep and the treatment of stomatitis. The last cases were those of peritonitis associated with exposures to cold and wet evidently sufficed to induce acute changes (tract). Consequently, a person who has been exposed to scarlet fever and does not sicken after a week's quarantine, may be pronounced control safe.

The is enlarged, with hemorrhagic or mg smaU anaemic infarcts. They subsequently became for these important articles, and the stock of this regiment had become greatly reduced previously to the date named: chlamydia.

Murchison concerning the incubation period of scarlatina are thus presented: First, the duration of the incubation stage birth may be only a few hours; second, probably in a large proportion of cases it does not exceed forty-eight hours; tl)ird, it very rarely exceeds seven days. Most of the others seem to have been cases of chronic bronchitis or cirrhosis of lung, originating from, or made much worse by, influenza, all being associated pathological changes in the lungs, leading ds at times to bronchiectasis.

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Assistant Attending does Psychiatrist, New Diamond, Monroe Thomas. One man says:"I believe that there are a great many tonsils removed that should not be removed, but, on the other hand, I believe that there are a great many that should be removed that are not." One does not consider their removal in children under eight, except when causing a great deal of trouble, while another believes every can tonsil should be removed as soon as it is well-developed.